Facebook Management

Facebook Advertising & Management

We offer a range of facebook management and advertising services. From getting your business page setup and running, to managing content and replying to queries, we can bring your business to a large new audience.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Management

An expert social media manager will be assigned to your account. From here, we will evaluate your industry, your competitors, your business type, profile your audience and target them.

Once we have fully analysed your business, we will create content and test appropriate content for your target audience. Once we start our regular posting, we will interact, engage and provide reputation management if so required in a professional manner. Engagement and interaction will be monitored closely with social content style and content being changed as appropriate.

Facebook Setup

Don’t have a facebook account or is your facebook account set up incorrectly? Do not worry, we offer full business facebook setup and custom branding to reflect your business.


Why Should I Use Facebook Advertising for My Business?

Cost Effective

Facebook advertising compares favourably to both PPC and display advertising when it comes to cost per conversion. You can reach a larger audience and receive a better return on investment.

Highly Targeted Audiences

Facebook advertising gives you the ability to specifically target individuals who match your target market. That means you can target directly to your customers and therefore increase your return on investment.


Prices Start From €199!

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